The Royal Botanical Gardens Rock Garden

We weren’t really sure what to expect when we went to the Rock Garden today. We knew that it had been made in an abandoned quarry and it reminded me of a book I read when I was a teenager. It was a mystery, I think, and there was a house or estate built in a similar abandoned quarry – maybe an Agatha Christie or something like that. If anyone remembers please leave a comment.

Royal Botanical Garden's Rock Garden, Hamilton

Anyhow, this no longer abandoned quarry is lovely and surprising and has the most delightful little paths leading you to secret places. We found some children hiding in a “cave”, their mother said it was their favorite spot in the garden.

RBG Rock Garden

There was no water yet in the waterfalls or river.  I’m sure it will be splendid when it gets going.

Pink Flowering Almond
Pink Flowering Almond

Double BloodrootNarcissus at the RBG Rock GardenDouble NarcissusMagnolia

European Beech

There are also the most incredible European Beeches near the parking lot.  They are old, and wrinkly, and remind me of elephant legs, and they’re beautiful.

European Beech at the RBG Rock Garden European Beech at the Rock Garden RBG European Beech closeup European Beech bark

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry trees were also blooming but it wasn’t the best light to capture them.

Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms at the RBG Rock Garden