Sargent’s Crabapple at the RBG Arboretum

The crabapple trees are blooming now and full of bees!

Sargent's crabapple tree blossoms and honey bee

And they have such a lovely smell.

I didn’t realize that crab apple trees are an important tree for pollinators. They bloom early and continue longer so there is a continuous supply of food. There are also far more species than just honey bees that benefit from this and benefit us. We have over 700 native species of bees in Canada as well as other pollinators like butterflies, moths, wasps, flies, some beetles and hummingbirds.

How can you help our precious pollinators?

Check out the article Pollinator Health to learn about the importance of protecting bees and other pollinators, and the actions you can take to help.

Perhaps you’ll even add a Sargent’s crabapple to your yard.

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