Woodland and Kippax Gardens

Kippax Garden

Virginia bluebells were everywhere.

This garden opened in 2008 when more than 14,000 perennials and grasses were planted. Helen M. Kippax, the garden’s namesake, was one of the founding members of the Canadian Society for Landscape Architecture.

It is a display of the beauty and sustainability of native plants including more than 130 native species. The design, inspired by local plant communities such as prairie, oak savanna, Carolinian forest, and wetland pond sits on about one acre. Instead of individual plants the focus is on plant communities and a more sustainable approach to garden layout.

virginia bluebells in the Helen M. KIppax garden

Woodland Garden

From the Kippax Garden you can enter the Woodland Garden.

paperbark maple in the morrison woodland garden RBG
Paperbark Maple

There is one particularly stunning magnolia tree in the middle of the Morrison Woodland Garden. It was exploding with blooms.

Magnolia at RBG

Helleborus in the Morrison Woodland Garden
starbust magnolia in the Morrison Woodland garden
Starburst Magnolia

There were also some incredible tulips in the scented garden.

tulips in the scented garden RBG lost a tree at RBG Magnolia in the Morrison Woodland Garden tulips at RBG

Unfortunately RBG lost some beautiful pine trees in a recent windstorm. They were huge and wonderful, and now only one is left.

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