Hikes around Binbrook

Even thought its cold out there are still some lovely hikes around Binbrook area. We went again to our favorite spot in behind Southbrook Drive.  The amount of footprints, both person, and dog, indicate that many other people enjoy this trail too.

Wild grape vine

The ice crystals in the creek were gorgeous. So incredible the shapes that they make!

Ice formations in the creek

There was also some lovely lichen on the tree branches.

Apothecia – commonly disc or saucer shaped fruiting bodies of some lichen


Nature Hikes around Binbrook

We’ve found some lovely hikes around Binbrook. In behind Southbrook Drive you almost feel like you’re in the bush, instead of 5 minutes from a subdivision.

The bushes are full of chickadees and cardinals, a bird we never got up north.

We found half of an abandoned boat nestled in the grass at the bottom of a hill. It seems like a crazy spot, but we’ve heard this area gets some intense flooding.

The creek here is definitely overflowing its banks.