RBG Laking Garden Irises and Peonies

We went to see the Laking Garden irises this morning, not realizing it was going to be so hot. Why do I never check the weather?

RBG Laking Garden entrance

It was 31 degrees in the shade, my friends, and the Laking Garden is laid out like an English garden – very open and very sunny!

RBG Laking Garden knot hedges

But it was beautiful!!!

Tree Peonies

We knew the irises were blooming but were completely surprised by the tree peonies. The front entrance was covered with pink, white, red, and yellow blooms.

Tree peonies RBG Laking Garden RBG Laking Garden tree peonies


The irises blew us away. Everyone’s used to the typical purple variety found in most gardens but the colors here were incredible. The collection contains at least 1068 types of iris of which over 600 are of the tall bearded class. The Tall Bearded collection shows breeding trends from the 1920’s to the present day featuring both heritage and modern cultivars. There are also Standard Dwarf Bearded irises and Intermediate Bearded Iris.

Irises at the RBG Laking GardenRBG Laking Garden irisesRBG Laking Garden irises spring 2018

You will also find Siberian, Spuria and a modest selection of Species Iris. The genus Iris  is thought to contain up to 300 species of which nearly all are distributed in temperate Northern hemisphere zones. They are found mainly in semi-desert or cold rocky mountainous areas of Eurasia and Asia but can also be found along grassy slopes, meadowlands and riverbanks. The Blue Flag Iris is a native wildflower of Ontario and grows in wet areas.

RBG Laking Garden irisesIrises are named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow

There were also some nice shady sections in the garden to escape the heat. It looks like the hostas here will be quite lovely this summer.

Pagoda behind the peonies at the RBG Laking Garden Hostas in the shade at the RBG Laking Garden Trails at the RBG Laking Garden